CBD Living Gel Caps 30粒cbd软胶囊

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  • 我们的CBD Living Soft Gels采用获得专利的胶体液滴输送系统,可显着提高吸收和生物利用度。
    这项创新技术可以将黑色和浓稠的半固体大麻油提取物转化成水溶性“Body Ready”液体。
  • 每个CBD Living Soft Gel Capsule含有25毫克全光谱纳米CBD和全谱萜烯。
  • 提供5粒和30粒两种。
  • Our CBD Living Soft Gels utilize the patented colloidal droplet delivery system for dramatically improved absorption and bioavailability.
    This innovative technology allows for transformations of a dark and dense semi-solid hemp oil extract info a water soluble “body ready” liquid.
  • Each CBD Living Soft Gel Capsule contains 25 mg of Full Spectrum Nano CBD and a full spectrum profile of terpenes.
  • Available in 5 Count or 30 Count Bottle.